Fonderia Ossolana

Fonderia Ossolana srl

Founded in 1932, it produces grey, spheroidal and special cast iron castings; formed with an automatic or manual process with weights from 1 to 4000 kg in small and medium sizes.

type of castings produced

Machine castings for metal, leather, wood, rubber, plastic, paper, cardboard, marble processing.

Castings for the automotive sector, special equipment, petrochemical, food, castings for valves, pumps, anti-wear pipes. 

Moulds for automotive and mechanical sectors with disposable polystyrene model; bases, uprights, slides, tables, heads, gears, gearboxes, shoulders, flywheels, pulleys, distributors, motor casings, forks, pumps, valves, U-bolts and impellers



Sand and resin moulding plant


Types of castings and products, moulding plants

qualità colata

Processing quality

To guarantee a casting in compliance with the highest quality standards